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Flooding Flow Ltd. believes in following a simple approach that involves; cleaning, restoration, and replacement.

  • Cleaning

The cleaning process starts with clearing out the property of all the damaged materials and accumulated water so that the further cleaning process can take place. High technology cleaning equipment is deployed for drying the place, eliminating moisture and conducting through structural drying.

  • Restoration

The expert team at Flood Flooring Ltd. analyses what has been damaged and lists out undamaged and partially damaged items. Once the cleaning process has been undergone, restoration of partially damaged property takes place by repairing whatever can be mended.

  • Replacement

Not all damages can be repaired. But one does not need to lose heart in such a situation. Flooding Flow Ltd. has a wonderful team who understands what your essentials mean to you and for the same reason, we specialize in finding exact imitations of the damaged items or even better substitutes That you’ll feel like nothing has been changed.